Profit from new car sales is shrinking rapidly. The used car market competition is more fierce than ever. For this reason, it’s imperative you adapt your online shopping experience to satisfy the needs of today’s consumer.

The availability of online research tools means the average person relies less on sales personnel than ever before. Ultimately, this streamlines the sales process because the customer knows exactly what they want before they walk on the lot. However, this can only be achieved by making sure your used vehicle online experience is top notch.

If you’re lagging behind in this category, there are a few things you can start doing today to improve your customers online experience. First, make sure your website is competent. Your content should be clean and to the point. Avoid using too much flash animation, moving text, or music. These will only slow down the load times and create a frustrating experience. Next, make sure to include alt tags or text captions with your images. Including text with images helps search engines find them. Finally, use smart navigation instead of listing all your services in a long scroll. Keeping different sections of your website separated will help people find what they are looking for.

Now that your website is ready, it’s time to increase the amount of information available on each used vehicle. Post high resolution photos of the vehicles interior and exterior from all angles. Include all of the relevant information pertaining to the vehicles features, drivetrain, and options. Finally, highlight the value being offered on each vehicle. It’s important all of this information is available because the average used car shopper spends 40% more time doing research compared to a new car shopper.

Making these updates will create a more educated consumer who is more willing than ever to buy from the first dealership they visit. These additions will reduce the time sales personnel need to close a sale while still allowing them to succeed through inspections and test drives. The used car market has been late to the digital experience but is starting to make up for lost time. Take a minute to look over your website on all device types to see what improvements you can start making today.

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