When it comes to buying that new car, the vast majority of us will first want to know what kind of cash our old car will bring as a Trade-In.  But as Brian Pasch mentioned a few weeks back in his Automotive Marketing Now interview with Michael Jaber, the traditional trade-in appraisal tool is causing enough friction to effectively keep people from traveling all the way through the tool.  And as the adage goes, the simpler the better.

Whether it’s the online trade-in tool or simply a “Contact Us” form, the KISS method is going to be your best bet.  After all, the point of the form is to keep the conversation moving forward, to make people feel comfortable enough to get feet in the door.

So if your forms aren’t getting filled out, perhaps one of these bad boys is the culprit:

  1. The form is waaaaaaay too long:  Consider that we are all busy creatures and stay away from the “Long Forms of Old”.  By only requesting information that’s pertinent to moving the conversation forward, you have the potential to dramatically increase your form completion rates.
  1. Your form fields feel too invasive:  You may want to know everything about them, but it’s best to stay with only the information that’s required in order to complete the request.  If we’re talking about an online trade-in tool, make it as friendly and conversational as possible; if they’re signing up for a newsletter, perhaps only the email address is required.

An example of a clean, simple trade-in appraisal tool is our newest product, Smart Trade, and can be seen in this video: https://youtu.be/PZcXQFZ-IMc



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