Did you know . . . Direct mail and the printed word is still the most widely accepted and trusted form of information and advertising available today?

Yes, it’s true! Even in our highly saturated digital world, direct mail is more memorable and the information is retained by the recipient longer than TV, radio, or email mediums.

The reason? It’s actually quite simple, and almost like a role reversal in the past 5-10 years. With the popularity of digital media, and the frequency in which we receive and process new info, our brains are actually on the brink of overload. It’s been reported that we see over 2,000 digital messages a day, compared to less than 100 printed forms of media. Our brains can process the information easier, since we are not overloaded. There was a time when this was not so, but the trend is becoming more clear, even when we thought direct mail was a lost art, or a dying breed, it’s not . . . it’s coming back with very positive results.

What’s more is people are twice as likely to bring a printed ad to the marketer to claim their prize, information, or value that was directed to them. Another advantage is that most of the buying market today are folks in their 40’s and 50’s who grew up getting mail or some form of printed medium in which to respond to and thus it’s almost like the nostalgic gear has been shifted. So why not reach the audience who’s actually buying most of the products in the market today, especially high-end or top dollar ticket items.

When you really consider this, you’ll be lead to ask to compare your return on investment (ROI). This is where the rubber hits the road. Though you may spend more money in a direct mail campaign to say the same message in a digital format, you actually get more results, thus return on your invested dollar. Since this demographic is buying, it’s like putting the right info in their hand at the right time, which is true for any advertised message. The ultimate benefit in ROI comes when you realize the actual deliverability with direct mail is substantially higher than with email. Postal records get verified much more frequent than email records do and they are even documented more efficiently. Think about how many email addresses the average consumer has (results show upwards of 5 each) compared to 1 or maybe 2 if a person is self employed and uses a PO Box as a secondary address. So your message IS getting delivered AND they are more inclined to respond.

Advantage has several strategies of marketing to your potential buyers and can work up a proposal for just about any budget. When you see what you can get and what you stand to gain from this medium, you’ll agree, direct mail is very much alive!

For more information or a proposal, call us and we will get started on a plan that works for you.